The UK House of Lords debated the impact on the arts of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU on Thursday 11 October. The FreeMoveCreate campaign was mentioned by Earl Clancarty alongside the ISM's Musicians and Brexit report, which was also referenced by a number of peers.

Highlights include: 

'The EU has informed us that it would impose reciprocal migration arrangements, so the Prime Minister’s proposed abolition of freedom of movement will restrict British artists’ ability to work and travel across Europe.' - Lord Adonis. 

'Touring Europe is an essential part of many British artists’ incomes made possible by freedom of movement, the customs union and the single market.' - Lord Adonis. 

'If Brexit is to happen, it is essential that there are at the very least long-term visas of at least two years, preferably longer, covering multiple entries, as well as visa-free travel for artists who have to move quickly and at short notice.' - Earl Clancarty

'The latest report by the ISM, part of the FreeMoveCreate campaign, finds that more than one-third of musicians receive more than half their income from working in the EU.' - Earl Clancarty

The full debate is available to watch back on Parliamentary TV.